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Exception Policy 2019

Starting on February 1st, 2019, we will be making a few changes to the Player Support Exception Policy for World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

Players will continue to enjoy the help of Player Support in reversing specific in-game actions and also continue to receive up to 4 of these Exceptions per year. These changes are necessary as a handful of players are currently abusing the policy for an unintended benefit – we want to retain this service for players who truly need it while removing specific loopholes. The main change you will notice to our Exception Policy starting on February 1st, 2019 is that Premium Vehicle Restoration will now require that you pay the full silver value of the tank to have it restored. We will also be increasing the number of tanks allowed per exception from 5 to 20.

To briefly recap the Exception policy, players receive up to 4 Exceptions per calendar year, which can be used to reverse certain in-game actions (see the list below for specifics). At the start of a calendar year, players are granted 4 new exceptions. Most Exceptions only apply to actions that occurred within the current calendar year – for example, Exceptions granted in 2018 can typically only be used to reverse in-game actions that occurred within 2018. This does not apply to the restoration of Premium Vehicles that can be restored even if they were sold outside of the current calendar year. Unused exceptions do not roll over to the following year.

The Exception Offer is a courtesy service from Player Support. Any or all disputed actions dealing with purchased content on a player's account will be directed back to the Terms of Service and End User License Agreements. The use of Exceptions, and the number of Exceptions available to an individual, are at the sole discretion of the Player Support team.

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